Why Us?

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Our approach is one that makes a heck-of-a-lot-of sense: Match a job Candidate to a specific position and match a specific position to a job candidate. A CAREER opportunity only exists when the SPECIFICS of a job position play into your strengths-both hard and soft skills-and in a situation where you will thrive over the LONG-TERM

On the flip side, company Hiring Managers also seek candidates that will provide long-term value. APT USA, Inc has created a platform where our team of seasoned, uber-professional Recruiters and Success Managers combine both art and science to determine whether a position is simply a job or an actual career move; and whether YOU and a company are a TRUE fit-a direct hit. We meticulously evaluate both hard and soft skills based on the specific position AND the specific company environment. This is what effective recruiting is all about.

We've learned that both candidate and employer experience during a career transition should be engaging and efficient and concepts such as "unreturned" phone calls, transactional disinterest and a "commission" mind-set are obstacles to a rewarding experience and are antiquated concepts we simply do not subscribe to.

We are your Beacon; Your Advisor; Your concerned Ally.

We Know Technology

We have experience. An eye-popping track record of over 40 years of combined experience. We know how to deliver results that work. We're experts in our field and will dedicate our time, efforts, and skills to meet your goals-on time and extremely favorable price point.

We Listen

We make every single decision based on you. Your needs, your industry, your company, your processes. The discovery part of our process is key to everything we do.

We are in this together

We consider ourselves partners with you, not just a vendor. When you call us, you're not going to be put on hold or speak to someone in another country. We're prompt, honest and hardworking, and have your best interests at heart.

We like to solve problems (we're geeks like that).

We are all about solving puzzles and are always up for a challenge. We like to figure out how things work, and how to make them better and faster. From creating CRMs to financial management systems to government apps to e-commerce systems, we love it all.

We make it simple.

Technology can be intimidating. Scary even. We are all about making it easy and understandable for you. We want to leave you with something that is user-friendly and does the job right.

We're Morning People.

Okay, maybe not every day, but we are optimistic and positive thinkers. You may see a looming technology problem that's making you crazy. We see a fun challenge, and a solution. We love what we do, and we get a kick out of growing companies through strategic technology solutions.

Our Skills

We are best at what we do and that's what our clients say !!!

  • 80%
    Staff Augmentation
  • 90%
    Executive Search
  • 85%
    Contract to Hire
  • 80%
    Direct Placement
  • 95%
    Contract Staffing

Our Clients

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State of Minnesota
MnDOT, or the Minnesota Department of Transportation, was created in 1976 by the Legislature to assume the activities of the former Departments of Aeronautics and of Highways and the transportation- related sections of the State Planning Agency and of the Public Service Department.
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State of North Carolina
Scenic beauty, a moderate climate, a culture rich in history and the arts, and world-class sports and recreational opportunities make North Carolina an exceptional place to live and do business. Combine that with quality health care, top universities, a low cost of living and it's easy to see why most people who live here never want to leave.
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State of Florida
Florida is the southeasternmost U.S. state, with the Atlantic on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. It has hundreds of miles of beaches. The city of Miami is known for its Latin-American cultural influences and notable arts scene, as well as its nightlife, especially in upscale South Beach. Orlando is famed for theme parks, including Walt Disney World.
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The City University of New York (CUNY) located in NYC is the public university system of New York City, and the largest urban university system in the United States. CUNY and the State University of New York (SUNY) are separate and independent university systems, despite the fact that both public institutions receive funding from New York State.